Skyrim Dragonbord Confirmed! 05/11/12 news


  • Bethesda has confirmed the Dragonborn DLC, by watching the trailer it looks like the DLC will bring us to the island of Solstheim (which already appeared as a Morrowwind expansion) The DLC will be available on Xbox Live on December 4, like the previous DLCs, PC release will be 30 days later. On PS3 no DLC is yet available. This DLC will allow players to accomplish long-awaited dreams, riding the majestic creatures known as DRAGONS! There will be new dragon armors, weapons, mounted and ground enemies. In the trailer here, I was wanting to see the player riding the dragon, but there are only two small scenes that show that. One of the player climbing on the dragon and the other just the player flying, so I’m curious about how to control your flying beast.

Source: IGN

Wii U:

  • Nintendo’s upcoming console will have a Wii mode to enable Wii and GameCube games compatibility with the newest console. Some people will say that they don’t buy a new console to play old games, but it is a great feature, because you don’t have to keep unplugging and replugging consoles when you want to play your older games or have a million cables plugged at the back of your TV set.

Source: Nintendo Life

  • Nintedo is interested in what it could accomplish with Wii U/3DS connectivity. Although it is not in their top priorities, it would be interesting in seeing what it could bring to their newest console and gaming experience.

Source: IGN

Black Ops II:

  • David Vonderhaar, Treyarch’s leading design director, commented ,on twitter, about the leaked Black Ops II videos by saying that if you want to live-stream the game, you got to at least be good at it. He claimed that legit videos will come out soon.

Source: GameSpot


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