Realm Of The Mad God

MMO are usually all very similar, chose a class, follow some quests, and if you play enough join some people and die while trying to help defeat a giant boss. Of course death is not forever and you can just respawn in a city or in the spot after paying some little price. Keep thinking […]

Halloween Special – Silent Hill 3 (PS3)

What better way to feel alive than to be scared? And I don’t mean “Oh no something pop up and scared me for a little while” kind of scared. I mean being disturbed to the point where you can’t stop thinking about it. If you are looking to spend a whole week looking over your […]

Professor Layton And The Curious Village (DS)

Surely this week must be international puzzle week for here is another review about a game that will keep you guessing. Mysteries that keep you wanting to see more, puzzles that you will remember and enjoy, and characters that you will love, hate, and admire. This curious village will have you walking its length and width many […]

High drama, creepy dreams in the comfort of your house! – Catherine (PS3)

If you thought you had tough moral decisions to make in games like Skyrim, think again. Not only will this game change its ending depending on your choices, but it will make you take a look at yourself and answer some personal questions. Catherine! The puzzle solving nightmare of a young man in trouble. Can you help […]

Crazy people shooting at crazy things! Contra:Hard Corps

A thousand bullets on screen and so many enemies running around that its a miracle you can get through the first half of the first level. If you know this craziness you have probably played Contra: Hard Corps. Contra is set in the future where a huge crisis has just started and it is up to you […]


We have to apologize for the lack of new post this Friday. But later today we will upload two would-be-reviews (reviews about the beginning of a game and see if it is worth buying/playing) and a review for what we think its an old classic.  -Side Quest Boss

They were not kidding when they said “prepare to die”.

Dark Souls (PS3) Giant bosses, lots of armours and weapons, countless minions blocking your way, and so many souls you will not know what to do with them. Welcome to a land where death can be conquered, heroes are the villains and you have just arrived to make everything better. After many have failed before […]