Nintendo Land offers a lot of potential! And more news…

Wii U:

Nintendo Land:

First of all, I’ll start to say that there is a lot more information than what I will say, these are small segments of information. It is worth it to read the whole article (link further down)

  • This game has been compared to as the “Wii Sports” of the Wii U.Yes it is a collection of small games, but the game has a lot more depth than Wii Sports. A LOT MORE.
  • It features a racing game that reminds us of F-Zero, but slower and where the goal is to survive by changing from looking into the Pad and the TV(They have different views of the course)
  • A game where you must collect fruits with Yoshi. Now that sounds simple, but you on the Pad’s Screen you don’t see the fruits, and on the TV you don’t see the path that you draw for your character to move. It’s all about coordination.
  • A Simple rythm game for one player, using the GamePad’s sticks you match the other diver’s movements who is like a Game & Watch diver.
  • Mario Chase, Luigi’s Ghost Mansion and Animal Crossing: Sweet Day are competitive games which levels scale depending on the number of players.
  • There is also a Zelda-themed game, in total there are about 12 mini games. They all seem great I whish I could play it more and I think players must play before judging because they do seem pretty awesome.

Watch some videos here to get further information : Click!


  • A store in the UK posted images to its tweeter account with pictures of GTA V that asked players to start pre-ordering. On the image we that the game will be released in Spring 2013. The tweet has been removed by now.

Source: IGN

Assassin’s Creed III:

  • In the northeast some stores preparing for the midnight launch of Assassin’s Creed III had to cancel it due to the mighty Sandy. As soon as the stores re-open players will be able to get their games.

Source: IGN



  • The Skyrim Premium Edition will not contain any DLC, unlike other premium editions of The Elder Scrolls.

Srouce: GameSpot



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