Borderlands Legends for iOS, and other News

Borderlands Legends: An advertisement was spotted for Borderlands Legends, which is designed for mobile and tablet devices. The players will be taking on waves of enemies, earning experience points and leveling up their characters. As a good Borderland game it promises thousands of weapons. Gearbox Software has not yet announced the game. Souce: GameSpot Far Cry 3: Far […]

They were not kidding when they said “prepare to die”.

Dark Souls (PS3) Giant bosses, lots of armours and weapons, countless minions blocking your way, and so many souls you will not know what to do with them. Welcome to a land where death can be conquered, heroes are the villains and you have just arrived to make everything better. After many have failed before […]

Ready to Hunt? – Monster Hunter Tri (Wii)

Monster Hunter Tri Monster Hunter Tri is a Wii game that came out in 2010, in North America. Although not many people know about the game, it is very much loved in Japan and gaining popularity in other countries. Is this a good game that everyone should play? Absolutely not. It is a great game […]