About The Authors

Player #2:

  • The typical sidekick. No one cares about him or his story, the only reason he exists is too add a sense of depth in the game. (Also so you can invite a friend to play with you, and since it’s you house, he is stuck with this lame character.)
  • Importance level:  High – Without him there is no sidekick and you would have no character to despise.

Side Quest Boss:

  • Not much information is known about him. As usual the only reason you defeat him is to get a huge amount of EXP points, you don’t care about his story, family or code of honour as you are thirsty for fast EXP and gold.(Occasionally rare items too! Those are the best…)
  • Importance level: Medium – Games use him to extend gameplay time and add fake depth into the game’s universe.

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