Realm Of The Mad God

MMO are usually all very similar, chose a class, follow some quests, and if you play enough join some people and die while trying to help defeat a giant boss. Of course death is not forever and you can just respawn in a city or in the spot after paying some little price.

Keep thinking that while you play Realm of the Mad God and you will have a very hard time.

Realm of the Mad God is a flash MMO that it’s just fun to play. We wouldn’t normally review flash games but this is one is worth noticing. So choose a class and kill everything in sight because death is forever and it happens all the time.

Realm of the Mad God doesn’t really have an in-depth story or any story at all except what you chose to do and become. All you need to know is that there are different realms, each with their own champion, and that there is one really angry god behind all the misfortune that is happening. Like I said, you are free to choose your own path to some extent. You will always be killing things but how you go about it is up to you. With 14 classes to choose from, you can fight the evil grasp of this god any way you want. Do you want to be sneaky? There is a thief for that. Do you want to tank about? Knights will do the trick.

Even though there isn’t a main story to follow, there are different objectives to accomplish. You can try and unlock all classes. Or you can stick with the very first one and defeat bosses until you get the best loot available. Or you can fight gods from different realms with a team of random players. Or you can wait until everybody is summoned to the ultimate challenge and hope that your collective efforts will prevail. I wouldn’t count on it though, feel free to try though!

Co-op is great part of this game. Being with somebody is encouraging because it will not handicap the amount of experience you are getting in any way. And later bosses cannot be defeated on your own, most of the times. So if you find a band of people running around, killing things left and right, join the fun and start killing! No need to ask if you are welcome. You will be most of the time. Unless you die. But then they won’t see you again, so everything is fine. Why you ask? Well because when you die, you lose everything that was not stored in your safe. All levels, all loot. So be careful. But don’t worry, the max level is just 20 and it’s easy enough to reach, so don’t feel bad.

Aside from the penalty of death, there isn’t much to worry about. Gameplay is easy enough. You move around with the WASD keys and you attack and perform all actions with the mouse. Well you shoot with the mouse. Oh yeah all classes shoot stuff. Mages and archers obviously have the longest range, while knights and warriors need to get closer. But each class has its own unique skill that will allow them to turn the battle around! Nah, it will just give you a small advantage of sorts. BUT it can save you at times, so don’t get caught without any MP (Magic points, for those people who never played these kind of games before).

Is there anything to say about the awesome look of the game? Other than it is quite retro and just pixelated? No. I think that the style fits the game perfectly and it lets you just enjoy it without having to worry about how not pretty things looks. I believe that any other art would fit the game poorly.

Should you play this game? Should you make people play with you? I definitely think so. I had fun playing this game even it was just some flash game. It is well constructed and it is an enjoyable experience. The fact that it has so many bosses and classes was just a huge extra plus. So play it if you dare. Because it fun, it’s not serious, and it takes your mind off things while always being enjoyable.

– Side Quest Boss


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