Small updates here and there…

Wii U:

  • Need For Speed Most Wanted has been confirmed for nintendo’s upcoming console! Social features and multiplayer have not been confirmed for the Wii U yet.

Source: IGN

Darksiders II:

  • The second DLC pack, Abyssal Forge will arrive on October 30, Death’s next adventure takes him into the forgotten Shadow Lands.

Source: IGN
App Store:

  • Releases:
  1. Nun Attack ($0.99)
  2. Dodonpachi Maximum ($6.99)
  • Price Drops:
  1. GTA: Chinatown Wars ($0.99)
  2. GTA III ($0.99)
  3. Jack Lumber ($0.99)
  4. Anthill (Free)
  5. Muffin Knight (Free)
  6. Cut The Rope HD ($0.99)
  7. Plant vs. Zombies ($0.99)
  8. Mega Man X ($0.99)
  9. Street Fighter II Collection ($0.99)
  10. Mass Effect:Infiltrator ($0.99)
  11. Burnout: Cash ($0.99)
  12. Organ Trail: Director’s Cut ($0.99)
  • Updates:
  1. Bad Piggies ($0.99) now comes with 15 new levels, iPhone 5 support has arrived!

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