Professor Layton And The Curious Village (DS)

Surely this week must be international puzzle week for here is another review about a game that will keep you guessing.

Mysteries that keep you wanting to see more, puzzles that you will remember and enjoy, and characters that you will love, hate, and admire. This curious village will have you walking its length and width many times. Professor Layton and The Curious Village is a story with puzzles standing between you and the ending. This mystery driving little game will have you guessing all the while. And the ending will be a huge surprise and not something that you would expect. Murder and fortune await for you in this little curious village.

As you may have guessed, seeing as how you are obviously the best detective around, the story takes place in a little curious village in the country. You will play as Professor Layton, a private detective called upon cases out of the ordinary. Your side kick Luke will always be there to learn and give you some insightful information, even if he does not know it.
An important Baron has left behind a big puzzle as his last will. You are called upon to find the mysterious golden apple and solve this poor village’s little problem. Upon entering, you will soon realize that this little village holds many more secrets and you will have no choice but to figure them out since you will be stuck in the village after an unfortunate event. Which I will not reveal, because I chose not to. Through the adventure you will be giving clues, often after solving some puzzles. These will vary from simple math problems, to some more imaginative problems.

In this little village there aren’t many people and you will come to know them all quite well. You will be speaking with them a lot, always trying to find out about the golden apple. Each character is very different from the last and they all have their little quirks and habits, which makes them very interesting. Admist your straight forward investigation, there will be smaller mysteries that will occupy your time as well. So don’t think that you will just be able to find the truth and ignore the rest of the story. Even for the obviously skilled detectives out there.

There isn’t much to be said other wise. The puzzles will always be different and you will find some to be extremely challenging. Some will take you a while to figure out, but when you finally see the answer it will feel great. The sense of achievement that comes from solving these problems is quite great. (As great as killing that awesome looking side quest boss that killed you three times and let you win the last time but where you still felt like it was really hard, just saying) All puzzles are solved using the stylus, but like I said there are a great variety of puzzles. Math problems, locigical problems, others that just take time, and some that are extremely fun.
The look of the game is also to be appreciated. Everything is in 2D. The locations, the characters, and even the animations. It is just beautifully constructed, it will feel more like a painting than a video game. But where the artistic choice really stands out is in the animations. You will wish this was a series when you see the cinematic unfold in front of you. The movements are just so natural and everything fits together perfectly. They were my favourite bits of the story.

Professor Layton and the curious village is a great game if you love mystery novels and stories. It is not for every one and patience will get you a very long way in this game. It is a great game to take a break from action games and still get your fill. I would recommend this game to everyone.

-Side Quest Boss.


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