University course about Skyrim? and other news


  • Students at Rice University can now take a course on Skyrim and Old Norse Sagas. The course is called “Scandinavian Fantasy Worlds: Old Norse Sagas and Skyrim”. The course basically teaches the students about how Skyrim is inspired by America’s obsession about Norse mythology. As the students wander in the world of Skyrim and its quests, students will read Old Norse and Icelandic sagas.

Source: IGN

Final Fantasy:

  • In an interview with 1Up, Hiroyuki Ito, the creator of the battle system says he got inspired by watching football (American football for any Europeans out there). While thinking about making an efficient battle-system, he says that at the root it comes from professional sports. In FFIV, he played an important role in the Active-Time Battle System. He basically knew when he started that these games would come closer and closer to real-time battles, but never fully real-time as it would alienate users.

Source: 1Up

App Store Updates:

New games: Shardlands ($1.99), About Love, Hate and the other ones ($0.99)

Price drops: Polara ($0.99), Astro Wings (Free), Blosics (Free), Greedy Bankers vs. The World (Free),  Brainsss (Free)

Update: Angry Birds Seasons, the game has new levels that take the flying birds into a Halloween-themed rescue adventure.


  • EA pushed the SimCity release date by a month, making the official release date on March 5, 2013. The game is a reboot of the classic series, it is the ultimate city simulation game. Both new and veteran players will be able to enjoy all the things the game has to offer.

Source: IGN

Borderland Legends is officially announced and it’s hitting the App Store on October 31.



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