An underwater paradise! Sort of… – BioShock (PC)

Have you ever dreamt of a place where you could do almost whatever you wanted? A place where you could finally find out what really happens when someone tries to get super powers through experiments? A place where you work for yourself and yourself alone?

Welcome to rapture, where all that is past and you better know how to shoot to survive.

BioShock takes place in the underwater city of Rapture. The city designed by the genius of Andrew Ryan. Arriving at this oasis by accident, you will soon find out that the city is no longer a “safe” place. Because of circumstances that will be revealed to you later on, the city is in chaos and you better get out of there. Fortunately for you, a helpful spirit will guide you through the fallen civilization, Atlas is his name and he will kindly ask you to follow his advice so that you may escape. He will take through the city and tell you almost everything you need to know. The rest you will be able to find out with the help of recordings that were left behind by some of the people in Rapture. The story will take you through the city and you will meet its inhabitants people, or what is left of them, along with some key characters. They will all leave a big impression on you and not all of them will wish you well. There are no side quest, only the main story which will take you roughly 10 or so hours. Not very long but never boring which is great. There will always be a surprise waiting for you and every turn can change anything.

If that is not enough for you, you should know that through the story you will have to make some hard choices. You see, running around the city are little girls carrying something that you really want. You will have two choices, either killing them and getting as much of the substance as you can, or saving them and only getting half the original amount. The first time the choice will present itself, you will feel like a bad guy. I will not tell you the specifics but you will not be happy after it. If it inst hard on you, well take comfort that everyone who plays violent video games is a psychopath anyway, so its fine,don’t sweat it.

To be able to finish the story you will need some serous fire power. Something that will smash your enemies and let them in complete awe of your superior powers and incredible physic. A wrench should do the job. I mean that is all you have anyway. Don’t worry you will get guns but something about smashing people with a wrench is just magical. You will get a hand gun, a shotgun, even a crossbow, and some other things that you can discover on your own. Each weapon, except for the wrench, will have two upgrades that will change the way the look and their performance. You will not be able to upgrade them at any moment, so when you come to a point where you will be able to upgrade just one of them, you will want to think about it. If guns, and an amazing wrench, aren’t enough for you, you will have plasmids. Plasmids are basically like super powers that will allow you to do all sort of crazy things. From burning people, to freezing them, to releasing an angry swarm of bees upon them. There are some others too don’t worry. Each will be upgradable but you will probably stick with one and use it all the time. Aside from active skills, there are passive ones too. These passive skills will allow you to hit people harder with your trusty wrench, have better defence  and other things that I will not mention so that you my discover them on your own.

If you are feeling alone against the hordes of enemies, you will have the choice of hacking turrets and flying robots so that they may help you in your escape. Don’t count on them though, I mean they are AI after all. They will die very fast too. My advice, learn to fight you smarty pants. Now as for the hoards of enemies that will be running at you from all directions. There is a varied quantity of them. Some with pipes, some with guns, some that crawl on the ceiling, the big Daddys, just to name a few. They will reveal themselves as you progress through the story and they will always surprise you when a new member of their teams decides to help them out. What is good though, is that once you kill them they will not respawn. So you kill all of them and then decide to look for loot, you’ll be somewhat safe. Not all enemies fight the same, so you will want to have different tactics for different foes. Or you can just shoot and hope for the best.

Often these enemies will fight you in some extremely beautiful location. The place you will see and cover in the blood of those opposing you will be incredible. The atmosphere of the whole game is just amazing, the lighting, the colours, the whole will be really great to look upon. The play with shadows will often make you stop in your tracks and reconsider your path and the suspense of new areas will make you jump at the smallest things. Like I said, full of surprises. The game just looks good, and the animations, voice acting, all do their part in making the experience an unforgettable one.

If you were thinking of playing the game, or if you have already played it, I suggest you play it again. It is a game everyone should play in their lifetime to be able to see what games are truly capable of. Great game.

– Side Quest Boss


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